What’s an promo video?

In my opinion, there are a few key differences between commercials and promotional videos. The term "promo" or "promotional video" includes a more broad selection of videos, of varying lengths.

For a commercial, the main goal is simple: it has to sell. A promotional video, on the other hand, can have different goals and can have different formats. Some examples could be: brand awareness, building a stronger relationship with your clients or communicating your brand's story and values. .  


There are multiple variables involved in determining a price for your video, such as project complexity, number of shooting days, gear used, delivery time and others.


I do not work with fixed, standard prices, mostly because each video has different needs. There are more ways to go about it, but we can easily find the best approach for your predetermined video budget. If you do not know your budget, we will discuss the ideas and I will be able to give you a price estimate.


*the price only includes my services, does not include costs such as props, location hiring rates, travel etc.

These other aspects will be discussed beforehand.

Although it might seem that way, shorter videos are not always easier to do. That’s because the shorter the video, the less time you have to get your audience’s attention and tell your message. Prices are not only calculated judging by the final video duration, although that might reduce the price a little bit.

Setting the delivery deadline depends on a series of logistical and creative factors. Some examples are: how much time will the edit take, does it need motion graphics etc. 

Because of that, there is no standard answer to this question. But, once we discuss all of the details, I will gladly give you a deadline estimate.

There are 3 major processes that each video project goes through: preproduction, production and postproduction.


During the preproduction phase, we will discuss aspects such as: the goal of the video, target audience, objective, competitive advantage, product/service strong points, how will it be distributed etc. Location scouting, model searching, scriptwriting and planning are also aspects included in preproduction.


Once your idea is well defined and turned into a script and a plan, we can move on to production, followed by postproduction. After all of that, the final video is sent to the client.

Usually, the answer to this one would be no. The client gets the final version of the video, to whom he owns all of the rights and can use as he wishes.

With that being said, if you really do need the raw materials, I can send them to you, for a price that will be discussed beforehand.

Of course I can, but if this aspect has not been discussed from the start, it will cost extra, depending on the amount of extra editing hours needed.

If you know you need more versions, I personally recommend that you tell me from the beginning, so that I can give you a price that actually includes all of the services.

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