Other Services

In case you don't need the full package (an entire production), I also offer the following services, individually:


A well written script, coupled with a good plan are the start of any great video.
You wouldn’t expect to reach a new destination without a map, would you? That’s exactly how a script works. You cannot expect for a video to reach its goal if you don’t know what it is and how to achieve it!
That’s why planning and scriptwriting are so important. Contact me if you’re having trouble with finding a direction for your video.

Video Production

Maybe someone is already handling the video editing for you, but you need someone to shoot it. Both production and postproduction should be in sync for your video to reach its full potential. I have worked both on production and post production, so I understand what it means to shoot with the edit in mind.

Video Editing

Editing is where the magic happens. The way you arrange the shots tells the story of your video. Editing can enhance the feelings and guide the audience towards the story, but it can also break your video and make it difficult to watch.

I love seeing editing as a puzzle: putting all of the small pieces together in a way that makes the final result spectacular.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for video editing services!

Color Grading

So, your video is done, but you still feel like something is missing. Maybe you are not satisfied with the final image, the way the colors look or you feel like you haven’t used your shots to their full potential. I’ve been there, bad colors can really make your video look cheap. Color grading should make your video pop and should help with the storytelling process as well. Colors are powerful and can make people subconsciously understand certain aspects, feel certain emotions. That is exactly why I spent a lot of time learning color grading, testing on different cameras and in different lighting situations. Many times, color grading can make the difference between a professional video and an amateur one. So let me ease your work and contact me for color grading services!