Vlad & Hori-25

My goal is to turn your story your idea into a video that engages with your audience..

I also strive to be the best filmmaker I can be, that’s why I try to learn new things every day, to experiment and make progress with each and every project I put out.

What I do: commercials, promo videos, event aftermovies and music videos..

I create high quality content, tailor-made for your needs,values and the image of your brand .That way , I can offer you an efficient and , engaging method to reach your audience ,motivating them to make your desired action.

My profession is filmkaing and has been for the past 5 years. I graduated Digital Media at Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca. .More than that, I studied multiple courses on video production, video editing, color grading, scriptwriting, sound design, lighting, online marketing and storytelling.I’m always a work in progress, always trying to learn more and perfect my skills. Over time, I had the opportunity to work on different niches of filmmaking, making me a versatile videographer. I also consider myself an open minded person and I enjoy collaborating. For me, it’s always a pleasure to bring my client’s vision to life. I consider that beauty is in the details.


In case you don't need the full package (an entire production), I also offer the following services, individually:


A well written script, coupled with a good plan are the start of any great video.

Video Production

I offer high quality production services, using high performance filmmaking gear.

Video Editing

The way that shots are arranged should guide the audience towards the story you’re trying to tell.

Color Grading

Using color, you can emphasize the story and enhance your audience’s experience.


Lastest Projects